Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Where are the bugs?

Very bad picture of south station from my sitting spot
I'm sitting in the grass on the "Greenway" outside of South Station in Boston. I'm doing what it seems most Americans are afraid of, which is I'm sitting directly on the ground. I'm not on a bench, or in a chair. I don't even have a blanket underneath me.
  I've been sitting here reading for about an hour now and just realized I have not seen one bug.  Not one ant has crawled on me, no spiders or crickets. I've seen a few bees buzzing around the flowers and a lot of birds are in the gardens, but no bugs.
  Now, to most people (especially city folk), I'm sure this is a benefit to their "sitting on the grass communing with nature" experience. To me makes me wonder what I'm sitting on. I had treated myself to a coffee and muffin on my way out of the station and had decided to donate my muffin crumbs to the ecosystem. Well, nothing has shown up to claim them. If I were home in my yard, or out on the Trail, these little gifts would have been swarmed with ants by now. Or a chipmunk would have scurried away with them.
  So, now instead of feeling like I've found a nice patch of nature in among the concrete jungle, I'm wondering what form of bug spray has this grass my bare legs are on been coated with??
I seriously would love to have any of you try this experiment at home and let me know your results. Take some crumbs of some sort and put then on the ground, then time the amount of time it takes before you see some sort of  critter interested in it.

Crumbs that were deposited into the grass an hour ago.. 

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