Friday, October 5, 2012

I put food in my hair.. and on my face

I realized today, that everything I put in my hair, I also put on my face. And then I thought about it. How many people can say that? Not only would I do that, I would actually put all my hair and skin products on a baby. Perhaps you should consider what you are putting on your body.

As you know, I have not used commercial shampoo in about 3 months. I'm not sure how long it has been since I used commercial products on my face. The other day, I gave myself a deep conditioning treatment with olive oil and honey.

I have done this before, but hadn't done it since I started "no-poo" and wasn't sure how the results would be.

I will say that this is definitely one of those events where "proper planning prevents poor performance" is very apropos.  Since I had to go to work in the evening, I did make sure to give myself PLENTY of time in case for some reason the oil didn't want to wash out with my "no-poo" and I had to deal with that before going out in public. What I didn't plan properly was the first step you should ALWAYS do when doing something like this, which is to comb your hair out as well as possible before hand.  So, please learn from my mistake, and comb your hair out as well as possible before starting this adventure!

I'm not real huge on measuring amounts, but in order to share with you guys, I did.. kinda.  I used up the rest of what was in one of my olive oil jars (about 5 tablespoons) and what was left in my honey jar (about 3 tablespoons). In order to get my honey to be a bit more liquid I had to heat it a smidge. I just put the jar into a pot of warm water, and that worked fine. While I was at it, I did the same with the olive oil, just to warm it up nicely. Then I mixed the two of them as well as I could in a bowl.

I covered my shoulders with an old towel and commenced with the slathering.  Like I said, it would have been much easier if my hair had been combed out nicely...  Personally, I don't feel like my roots need a lot of conditioning, so I went from the ends up towards the roots, but not to my scalp.  This is definitely a sticky, mucky fun enterprise.  You do really need to comb through your hair to make sure it is spread through evenly. At this point for me, that was TONS of FUN because now my messy head was slathered with a sticky messy mess of an entangling elixir. But, I worked it through and finally had my hair all combed through and slathered with the oil and honey mixture.

Now, put on a shower cap, or wrap your head in plastic wrap. The heat from your head with the tightly packed hair will help allow your hair to absorb the yummy goodness.  You don't really want to put a towel on your head, because the towel will absorb the oil.  I left it on for about an hour. You can totally do longer than that, but I think you need to do it for at least that long to have it work for you.

At this point, I take a couple finger scoops of the mix and slather my face and neck with it. The honey still has a bit of crystallization so it made for a nice scrub.

After about an hour (during which my son decided that YES I could walk through town to the Post Office if I just put my hood up) I unwrapped and showered.  First I just rinsed with warm water, then did my "no-poo" thing (which I usually use that on my face as a cleanser also.  After my hair dried, I realized, I had missed an entire section on the back side of my head. That's one thing that is tough with "no-poo" because there is no lather, so you don't REALLY know what you are cleaning. I just redid my hair in the sink putting the "no-poo" directly onto my dry hair until it was all saturated. Rinsed it all out as normal ending with a cold rinse.

The results... OMG! SOFT! SOFT! SHINY! hair.  Loving it!  Oh, and soft, glowing face also!

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