Friday, October 12, 2012

Half a Pie pan

The other day I made a Carrot Pie and an Autumn Olive Berry pie (I will be posting the recipe once I perfect it). And I thought to myself... "Self, I wish I could have just made half of each."  So , I got to thinking about if it doesn't exist already (which I was sure it would) then I needed to invent a half and half pie tin.

Well, of course necessity is the mother of invention (remember Mother Necessity!?), and it has already been invented.

Generally I have a rule, that once we get into October, and DEFINITELY after Halloween, you are NOT allowed to buy yourself things you want. Instead you put them on your Christmas list (yes, I said it.. CHRISTMAS!) in order to give others the chance to get you something you want/need for a gift.  I'm not sure I can wait till Christmas for this!!  My birthday is before Christmas, but not that much before.. hmm.. perhaps it can be a Halloween present :)

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