Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wait till you see what we did with Off! SCARY!!

And we spray this all over ourselves and our CHILDREN!!

What would you say is just about the toughest thing to clean in the kitchen? Range hood, stove knobs? In the past I have taken a lot of time, elbow grease, and a lot of different things to try to clean these things. I remember leaving stove knobs to soak in a basin for hours. Scrubbing, scraping, etc on the range hood. 

Well, leave it to a single guy doing a thorough cleaning for the first time in a long time to figure out the easiest way to do it.  He was cleaning the range hood and decided he needed a good solvent. He looked under his sink.. and happened to have a can of Off! with 15% DEET.  He remembered that DEET is a solvent.. so he gave it a try.. WOW! is all I can say! (sorry it's sideways, I hadn't realized it)

We ended up cleaning quite a bit with this can of Off! This was all done with just a t-shirt for a rag. No green scrubbies, no steel wool, not even a rough rag. 

The next day I was painting with some stain blocker type paint and hadn't realized that it needed paint thinner to clean it up off my hands. I really wish I had videotaped this one!  I tried scrubbing with dishsoap, HOT water, everything.. sprayed a little Off! on my hands, and it washed right off. I was no longer so concerned about getting paint on the trim!  

Yesterday I we found some permanent marker on the wall. Mark asked me what would work, and I suggested alcohol. In the past I have used alcohol swabs to clean off permanent marker. He took some alcohol and tried it and it didn't touch it. We both then looked at each other and said "Off!"  I sprayed it on.. and wiped it all off, in one wipe!  

We also were able to use it to clean duct tape adhesive that had been on a heating grate for who knows how many years.  I wish I had gotten before and after of the range hood!

This is just 15% DEET.... when I got paint splatters all over my face and arms, Mark said "Well, you just have to scrub that, you don't want to put Off! on your skin."  Then we realized that's what we DO!! 

Check out more of our video fun!


  1. Very interesting!! I will remember this!

  2. Crazy! Wow... makes you wonder what so many people put on their skin. Never knew it could clean so well. :)