Saturday, November 3, 2012

Toothpaste.. it's not just for teeth!

So, one of my friends had posted on Facebook that her husband was going to "polish her headlights ;)" and she posted the product he had purchased. Well, I'm a .. well let's just say I'm frugal and would love to share my frugality with everyone! 

And so was born, the "Polish your headlights with toothpaste" blog!

I remembered that my mother is always complaining that her headlights just aren't bright enough, so in the fading November sunlight (and temperatures!!) I went out to check out if her lenses looked like they were foggy, and lo and behold! They were!

So with some products everyone has at home, it took me about 10 minutes (I kept the time stamp on most of the pictures to show how long it took) to complete! (And I was glad cause it was getting COLD AND DARK out there!) Toothpaste (whatever I had in the medicine cabinet) and wax (I happen to have butchers wax, but you can use anything including furniture spray)

Start out with an old, hazy headlight lens.  I happened to have  a  couple here on my mother's 1994 Toyota Corolla.

Just put some toothpaste on a damp papertowel and .. well.. polish the lens. Ya know, kinda "wax on ~ wax off" style. 

Wipe off the toothpaste, then go over it with actual "wax on ~ wax off"   (which means.. put on the wax.. and then .. polish off the wax.. not just the motion..)
Looks good so far!



Thanks for the blog idea.. and my mom thanks you too!!

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