Wednesday, November 28, 2012

And for my next trick... Butter!

You know how proud you get when you make something from scratch? (And I don't mean "scratch the box open"!) 
Well, it's exponentially more exciting when you have not only made the recipe from scratch, but you have also created your own ingredients!

When I made my Quinoa Apple Muffins, I was so proud that I had made my own quinoa flour!  In fact, I ordered a grain grinder to make this process easier!

Well, now I have decided that I will make my own butter. I have made butter before, many times in fact. For a few years when my kids were younger, we had a tradition that for Thanksgiving the kids would make the butter for the meal. It was so easy, just take heavy whipping cream and put it in a baby food jar and let the kids shake it until it turned into butter! I actually prefer the "shake it in a jar" method over the butter churn. 

Since I am getting so very all about the whole "no additives" etc thing, I decided to search out where I might be able to get some whole fat, no additive cream. This lead me to this site where I might be able to get raw milk. 
not my own pic.. that will happen when I do it :)

I have decided to contact Oake Knoll (or is it the Lawton Family Farm) to make an appointment to get raw milk! I'm so excited. In the meantime, it looks like I would just be getting the milk and would then get to go one step further into the "making my own ingredients insanity" and have to make my own heavy cream!

I have sent an email to make an appointment, and I can't wait. I will be able to make, not only my own butter, but heavy cream and buttermilk too!

This will definitely have a follow up blog or two. I was just so excited, I wanted to share right away!

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